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The first agreement of its kind regionally: KOTC partners with Pres-Vac on an environmental project

The preservation and protection of the environment has become a priority for many nations and environmental organizations. KOTC as a leading oil transporter was chosen as a key partner in the development of environmental protection system that require the installation of equipment as part of a research to measure and minimize the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from oil tankers during transit in local and international waters.

The partnership between KOTC and a leading environmental protection system manufacturer, Pres-Vac Engineering, Denmark is the first of its kind regionally.. The development of this program will be under the Danish Maritime Authorities umbrella with their official sponsorship, supporting and funding this project as per their regulations, and entrusting Pres-Vac to collaborate with KOTC to undertake a study to develop and provide systems monitoring and controlling the VOC emissions resulting from vessel operation, which in turn will have eventual positive impact on the environment to minimize air pollution.

​ This agreement signifies the high technical standing and reputation of the Kuwaiti Fleet represented by KOTC regionally and internationally, reflecting the company’s strict compliance with international environmental protection regulations. KOTC has also received various nominations and awards from different international bodies in terms of safety and environmental protection, which has strengthened and elevated the reputation and position of the Sate of Kuwait as well as Kuwait Petroleum Corporation represented by KOTC, as one of the active environmental protection advocates.

In this context, KOTC has equipped its fleet with the latest state of the art environment protection systems creating a new design for eco- friendly vessels that are further developed and upgraded in line with the company’s continuous improvement policy.

The cooperation agreement was signed by Shaikh Talal Al Ahmed Al Sabah, CEO of KOTC and Mr. John Lindhardt Frandsen, CEO of Pres-Vac.