Marine Agency Branch

The activities of the company spread and its investments expanded in other fields focusing on the core of the Kuwaiti economy which is oil, therefore the company was directed to be an agent for the oil tankers calling Kuwait oil ports and became the exclusive agent of the oil tankers with a special concession awarded by the State and it began its activity in this field on 1959.

The marine agency branch provides the oil tankers in different Kuwaiti oil ports with various types of services in return of agency fees in addition to the value of the provided services.

The activities of this branch is determined by the number of tankers calling at Kuwaiti oil ports, which in turn is dictated by the volume of Kuwaiti’s export and type of vessels. The marine agency branch dept, is considered one of the profit sources in the company and it is affected by the oil production level in Kuwait.

The Marine Agency Branch performs its activities to the highest level of safety standards in accordance with its customer requirements and no efforts are spared to further develop its services and standards