February 2021

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Abdulnaser Y. Alfulaij
Dear Colleagues,

Investing in national cadres 

The Kuwait Oil Tanker Company attaches great importance to the development and development of the human element as it is an essential pillar of its pillars to achieve the strategic directions of 2040 for the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, which is related to activating and developing the tasks and responsibilities of national human resources by applying the latest and best international practices in this field, and activating the role of technology in accomplishing work. Administrative, and automating many procedures that are specialized in human resources. The company proceeds in this direction from its firm belief that investing in the nation’s youth is the basis of excellence and advancement, and then devotes a lot of efforts to attract and maintain distinguished national cadres by providing a work environment with international high-quality standards to reach the highest level of professional performance, and to achieve satisfaction Career, loyalty and belonging, and helps the company to reach a leading position in the world, and enhances the general values of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and implements its vision in consolidating the values of work among these national cadres, and also for its awareness of the extent of its social responsibility towards Kuwaiti youth, and its primary role in supporting Revitalizing our national economy and contributing to the development of the Kuwaiti oil sector to remain a strong competitor at the regional and global levels. What is certain is that the next stage and the challenges it includes impose on us ambitious plans that emulate the successive and rapid developments witnessed by the oil and gas industry globally, foremost of which is the development of human resources and the qualification of national cadres to lead the oil sector with a clear vision for a bright future for our country. Future plans with scientific methods to qualify cadres through integrated training programs that enhance efficiency and institutional work values to keep pace with changes in the nature of work. Increasing the level of creativity and spreading competition for the better. In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that the unlimited support of the political leaders in the country, and the leaders of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, has resulted during the past years in achieving many, many achievements and successes in the oil sector, and we still aspire to achieve more and more, and we pray to God Almighty to help us all In the next stage to contribute to building a bright future for the oil sector and our beloved country, Kuwait. 

Abdul Nasser Yousef Al Fulaij
Acting CEO

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