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The company won “the best oil tanker operator” award in the Middle East and Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled awarded the title of the “outstanding leadership”

 Kuwait oil tanker company won “the best oil tanker operator” award in the marine industry for the third year and won  “The  marine Crewing  and  Manning Award ” in the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent its executive president Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah was granted the tittle of the “outstanding leadership” from The Maritime Standard Award event  which was held in Dubai  (UAE) and it’s an annual event during which the outstanding individuals and organizations  is being chosen based on the decision of the professional jury of the arbitration commission composed of elite international competent arbitrators in the shipping industry.

 Getting these prestigious awards assure the company success in operating its naval fleet efficiently and distinctly with the possession of a fleet which works with the newest and the best global technology in the shipping industry ,with the highest security and safety standards which emphasizes on its fully prepared to face the increasing  challenges in the global marine industry.
Granting this award to the (CEO) Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled the tittle of the “outstanding leadership “as a culmination of all the workers in the “Kuwait oil tanker Company ” came in with appreciation for his accomplishments in the marine industries field over several years through his incentive efforts for the company, as a leader he succeeded in upgrading the company position and strengthen its potential.

The company through its subsidiary company “liberty manning services limited” (LMSL) to provide the best cadre and seafarers who are highly experienced and qualified to work in its fleet, with the result that the company had been able to win the best company for ”The  marine Crewing  and  Manning Award ” also providing all available means to motivate these rare workers to make further efforts and devotion at work in order to achieve the public interest for the “Kuwait oil tanker Company ” as a whole.

These achievements have been achieved first by God bless”, and the combined efforts of all the workers in the company.
Emphasizing on proceeding forward to provide its services on the highest level of global standards, with contribution of the national personnel and employment efforts to this success by the recruitment of all the experiences and ambitious the company own, that the State of Kuwait is worthy to be proud of.