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An Effective Provider Of Marine Oil Transportation
The Company is mainly involved in the ownership and management of tankers engaged in the transport of crude oil, refined petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gases (LPG).
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Two years after its establishment in 1959, KOTC took delivery of the first crude oil tanker “KAZIMAH” 49,000 Metric Tons. It was the vanguard of oil tanker flying the Kuwaiti flag and in those days it was considered a super tanker. By 1975 the fleet had been expanded to transport over one million Metric Ton of crude oil
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April 2014

I have the pleasure to salute and congratulate all KOTC employees on taking delivery of the crude oil supertanker Al-Funtas and the petroleum product tanker Burgan, celebrating the naming of the long-term tanker Al-Dasma and the petr

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KOTC - Commitment Towards Environment:

KOTC is fully committed to comply with international QHSE standards and systems in all its activities and operations. KOTC continually seeks to adopt the latest technologies & systems in order to develop the safety and efficiency of operations & maintenance activities, and to provide maximum attention to employee’s health & safety and environment protection.
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