A WORD FROM THE CEO - October 2017

Efforts to preserve the environment

Kuwait Oil Tanker Company is ensuring that it preserves the environment and this issue has become of strategic importance as it is a top priority. This is done by organizing lectures for the staff or having volunteer campaigns to clean up the beaches and onboard our fleet tankers.
Our Fleet Tankers transport the crude oil and liquefied gas to all countries of the world while following the requirements of international safety and global standards law commitment, quality, occupational health and environmental conservation.
The company is keen to have the most environment- friendly tankers on the fleet through its designs and because it is equipped with special equipment to handle various emissions.
KOTC signed an agreement to reduce the pollution, which has a large and wide impact on the reputation and status of the Kuwaiti fleet, both regionally and globally. A team has been assigned to spread the principles of the quality system, health, safety, security and the environment in a systematic manner in all company activities and among all employees.
With regard to the preservation of the environment, the company recently cooperated with Omniya –PET Recycling Company, which was established in August 2015 as a volunteer- based project to collect plastic water bottles. Later, the National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprise Development sponsored this project in Kuwait. They distributed a number of boxes at Kuwait Oil Tanker Company's head office in order to collect plastic materials that are used by employees during work, and they then safely recycle them. Omniya transfers these materials in a safe manner that preserves the environment while being recycled, as they could be beneficial again.
Our efforts in the environmental conservation field has resulted in many awards, including the Environmental Award for Maritime Transport in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent, presented by the international "Lloyd's List Award", which was won by the company multiple of times. and Health safety and environment projects award, organized by the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC). In addition to the selection of two vessels, Al Kout and Al- Dasma, as the best vessels in the world in terms of preserving the environment. We pray to Almighty Allah to guide our steps for the good and interest of our beloved country Kuwait.

Talal Al-khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah

Chief Executive Officer